Lipofilling is applied to add volume and enhance the appearance of the face and different areas of the body.Deformation on cheeks, forehead, lips, chin, hips and legs can be corrected with lipofilling.

Practically fat removed from the patient is processed with specific requirements and concentration derived from the process is injected with fine canulas .Scar will be invisible by time goes on, as injection is done through  1-2 mm incision sites.

Fat to be removed is selected  according to density of fat mass.Mostly in women, belly,waist or hip areas  are fat removal areas.

Since absorbation occurs after some time repetition treatment can be necessary.The absorbation rate ranges from %30 to %70. The results vary according to  parts of the body ; in the moving parts the absorbation is higher.The volume after this procedure is limited so you should lower your expectation.If you request an over volumizing lipofilling should be tried . According to result, probable implant can be discussed.

Prior to the procedure medication like aspirin  should be avoided. Also, medical history should be told to the surgeon.After the procedure you may resume to normal life.

It can be performed either with sedation or local anesthesia. Immediately after the treatment cold pack is applied to prevent swelling and bruising.The day after the treatment patient can have a shower and use moisturizer.On the 4th of 5th day a gentle massage can be done to alleviate the swelling.Two days home rest is recommended for the swelling and bruising.