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vaccination in the case of an infected animal or human being is not
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remains to be seen but certain it is that the Eustachian tubes can
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the abdominal mass palpated. No other lesions were found in the
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sion ot the hivmorrhoidal discharge of continuance of suckling so frequently
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means to the same degree as would a tuberculous individual in the
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dealt with after the removal of the child. In infected cases which
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Chronic constipation stood first among the diagnoses being
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as it is brought to the laboratory and its gross appearance noted.
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Having thus established normal standards of the vital capacity
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blished and sustained by a power superior to those with whom be
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or suspended function has returned to normal. ma gt bring the desired
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Treatment of Scabies by Sulphur Fumigation. Bruce British Jour.
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current produced contractions in the anterior tibial group but a
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after a day or two of treatment then disappear often giving place
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gyrus probably in segmental relation to the corresponding motor
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immunity. The next experiment was to test the living sensitized