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tion galleries this underground water forms an enormous supply
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we look upon as pathological are really beneficial and the only
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mucous membrane is known as a submucous fibroid. One sit
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has given us the best of our medicaments as for instance quinine
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The danger to nurses from.accidental infection especially in
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height of the sanitarium at which this method is employed the
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The small bowel is often inflamed throughout generally most so at
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began to ulcerate. In spite of treatment it spread until it had
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were contracted and calcareous on the limbs but on the hack.
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swab. Then the parts were examined and it was seen that the
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to the knives the answers varied. A great many surgeons are
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is not an illustration descriptive of the abdominal or combined
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successful attempts to teach selected blind people massage. Here
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Another case was totally blind for eight months with
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under the name of the British Red Cross Society. The society
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limb and a compound dislocation resulted almost invariably in
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tion the most intractable variety of stricture in this location
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of tuberculous prostatitis even when the prostate does not
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hall Berchtesgaden Gastein Gossenass Levico Roncegno
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the American continent one system of quarantine and preventive
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hours depending upon the signs of improvement and every
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As soon as the battle is over the wounded should at once
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Under the circumstances this is not very surprising and the
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The plan outlined and in large part already in practice will
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hydrogen dioxide followed by some mild alkaline solution and
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Aralia racemosa and another says there is nothing equal to
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mainly mechanical or due to the inorganic production ot
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tious disease caused by the bacillus tuberculosis. This organism
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in a whisper must be controlled as far as possible. Talking
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the author gave to certain tuberculous patients fats in large quan
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cessation of the drug showed the same amount excreted. In
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disease when little can be done beyond ordinary antiseptic treatment
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they were the more grateful to him for having brought forward
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Another debt is owed to the oculist who by bettering the eye
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A. Hellendal British Gynecological Journal November
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and weighed eleven ounces. The visceral pericardium shows
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evidence of the esteem in which it is held. The present edition
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philanthropic society in Dublin a resolution was proposed asking