A flat stomach is important to a physically fit appearance. However,

A healthy diet and regular abdominal workouts can sometimes do

Little to eliminate accumulations of excess fat and loose, sagging

Skin in the abdominal area. If you are bothered by these appearance

Problems, abdominoplasty (also called tummy tuck) may be a good

Choice for you.

Is an abdominoplasty right for me?

Abdominoplasty is best suited to women and men who are in relatively

Good shape, but have loose abdominal skin and/or a significant

Amount of abdominal fat that won’t respond to dieting or exercise.

You may be a good candidate for abdominoplasty if you have one or

More of the following conditions:

Excess or loose, sagging abdominal skin

An abdomen that protrudes and is out of proportion to the rest of

The body

Abdominal muscles that have been weakened by pregnancy or aging

Excess fat that is concentrated beneath the abdominal skin.

If you plan to become pregnant or to lose a significant amount of

Weight, you should discuss these plans with your surgeon. Scars from

Previous abdominal surgeries may limit the results of an

Abdominoplasty. However, in some cases, an existing scar can be used

For the new incision, as is often the case for women with Cesarean

Section scars.




In this surgery, the cracked and lappet part of the skin which stretches from the level of caesarean scar to the sides on a line is taken. The skin which remains above the belly point is lowered by tightening. The belly point also reformed. If required, the extra fat around the belly is taken by liposuction. The belly muscles make regained the hardness before by tightening. For this, a sewing technique which is used in rupture surgeries is used and by folding loose front belly muscles onto themselves, they get narrowed and tightened.

What ıs expected to experıence before and after surgery

This is a great operation in magnitude and difficulty. It is possible to say it is a painful surgery. Patients generally suffer from their bellies’ tightness for 3-4 days. After the surgery, at least 2 but generally 4 days of rest is essential except excretion need. Besides it not possible to lie randomly, in the first couple of days you need to lie in the fetus position. Just when you are in this position the tense on the sewing reduces and you feel at ease. After the 4th day everything becomes normal and you can stand up and lay down straight after 7-9 days. After the operation you need to rest one day in hospital. You can turn back in the job hardly after 1 week. Nevertheless, it is sufficient to have one simple painkiller a day for the pain. This surgery is an application which serious lividness and puffiness are not expected. If you work, you have to reserve one week for this operation.