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shige Marcone and Baruchello and arrived at the same conclusions.

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Apparently Unavoidable Errors in Diagnosis of Psoas

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ized by Dr. Variot physician to the Sick Children s Hospital

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ondary invasion of the larynx has been demonstrated by Heinze

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giving rise to the different venereal maladies. Some of them

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Lateral paraurethral channels. 3 Lateral spaces. These are

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statement of such defect or disease and shall make written

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intradural hemorrhage and more or less laceration of the brain.

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mixture of the chlorides of ethyl and methyl. The author uses

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to repeat this operation. Morphine. j grain may be given to

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France admitted the presence of the plague within her bor

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taken from the larynx should not be taken as conclusive evi

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example making an autopsy of a case of puerperal peritonitis

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suspect the existence of tuberculous disease of the spine. The

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live to an advanced age the constriction occurs in the center of

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offers the following conclusions 1 Eclampsia is due to a

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do not always make the diagnosis for example it is a well

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that time prevailed. The pestilence was fearfully severe in Mar

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of iodine or perchloride of mercury in methylated spirit 1 in 250. In

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alone. In his preface Sir Andrew Reed points out that in

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describes seems to us to be based on wrong principles both

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duced with the food. For this reason the original test meal of

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chronic when gastric disturbances septic fever diarrhea evacua

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