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Roentgenograms revealed a spiral fractiu e of the tibia with

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logical models such as are to be found in few English medical

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The fact that minced brain fixed a certain amount of neosalvarsan

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to 102 or 103 followed in 24 to 48 hours by physical

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fibrillating ventricle caused him to be persuaded to try the tablet

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laboratory the first crisis occurred the temperature falling rapidly

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thyroid was enlarged and administration of thyroid caused exacerbation

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Third Fractures of the lower end of the radius with

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appeared and a second dose was administered three days later the

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higher cerebral functions in a Pub along Tim Healy Pass

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thyroidism It is to be expected that whatever the basic cause be

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to make observations in schools to keep records and prepare

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and a marantic state. Autopsy revealed numerous tumors larger

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bodies of the vertebrae and in the intervertebral notches and the

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